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Dust collectors
集塵機 写真 Dust collectors
Dust collection efficiency
Dust concentration at exhaust
1 mg/cubic meter (actual value)
10 mg/cubic meter (guaranteed value)

Strong removal of dust from filter fabric
Small installation area

Auto-Jet Collector Most suitable for continuous operation and collection of fume dust
Humid Dust Collector The most suitable for dust that contains moisture
Pleated-type Auto-Jet Collector The use of pleated filter fabric has enabled the equipment to be reduced in size.
Deodorizing Dust Collector Measures to prevent fume odors during aluminum production
Central Cleaner Large-size cleaners for use in factories and energy-saving cleaners
Dioxin-reducing Bag Filter 

Hood System
フードシステム 写真 Local-dust-collecting hood system
Suitable for small air volumes
Saves energy by using a small air volume
Dust Collection for Electrical Furnaces Ring Hood System 
Dust Collection for Electrical Furnaces Arm Hood Six system  
Dust Collection for Ladles
Framework disassembly Hood System 
Arm Hood System The three-axis robot arm hood is the most suitable system for local dust collection.

Arc Furnace Dust Collector
アーク炉 写真 Product description
Electrical arc furnace fume measures
1. Hood for electrodes
2. Working hole hood
3. Tap hole hood
4. Hood for ladles
Arc Furnace Dust Collector 

Crane-type Dust Collector
Crane-type Dust Collector 写真 Dust collection for casting and other ladles while they are moving
Crane-type Dust Collector 

High-speed Dust Mixer
High-speed Dust Mixer 写真

Measures to prevent dust disperse during the loading of collected dust onto trucks
Powder mixer

High-speed Dust Mixer 

Building Ventilation System
Building Ventilation System 写真

This system utilizes chimney effect.
1. This system uses natural ventilation, which requires no energy.
2. Room temperatures can be lowered by 3 degrees centigrade in summer.

Building Ventilation System 


Rotary Cooler System
Rotary Cooler System 

Equipment to crush sand for greensand mold for casting and to cool down the sand
1. Maximum treatment capacity of the sand for greensand mold: 120 t/h Diameter 3500 × 20 m

Rotary Cooler System 

Rotary Crusher System
Rotary Crusher System 写真

Casting-related sand crushing equipment
1. Self-hardening sand crushing equipment
2. Delivery of self-hardening sand 50 t/h × 2 units

Rotary Crusher System 




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