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Company name Nippon Metal Co., Ltd.
Address 4-12-25 Kikawa-higashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0012, Japan
Tel: 06-6306-0108
Fax: 06-6303-5731

July, 1977: Nippon Metal established privately.
July, 1984: Incorporated as Nippon Metal Co., Ltd.

President: Shinroku Nishiyama

Executive managing director: Mitsuaki Goto

Director: Koji Watanabe

Capital 80 million yen
Areas of business
1) Air pollution control equipment
  A) Bag filter dust collectors (PTA)
    a. Auto-jet collector type
b. Auto-jet poppet type
c. Auto-jet hopperless type
d. Auto-jet conveyor type
  B) Bag filters for the reduction of dioxin
2) Waste melters
  A) Pure oxygen melters
    a. Melters for urban waste incinerator ash, sludge and Cr plating sludge
  B) Pure oxygen incineration melters (the entire process from incineration to melting is conducted in one procedure)
    a. General waste

Business Office
NM(THAI) Co., Ltd.
Financing banks Kinki Osaka Bank, Juso Branch
Juso Shinkin Bank, Central Branch
Resona Bank, Shin-Osaka Ekimae Branch


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